I was on Come Dine With Me – this is what our houses look like once TV bosses have had their way

ONE Come Dine With Me contestant has given fans an extremely rare behind the scenes look of the filming of the cookery contest.

It is fair to say that the cooking hopeful’s home was not left looking the same way after TV bosses had been through it.

TikTokOne contestant has shown what their house really looked like during Come Dine With Me filming[/caption]

TikTokOne pair of contestants could be seen filming a piece in the kitchen surrounded by equipment[/caption]

TikTokThey showed the lighting arrangement that they sit underneath during the meal times[/caption]

In the short clip, their home could be seen littered with an abundance of camera and lighting equipment to get the show picture perfect for television.

At one point, some of the diners from the Couples Come Dine With Me spin-off could be seen sat down at the table almost within touching distance of one couple who were filming a scene in the kitchen.

The video also saw that night’s dining host show off the fact that they eat their meals under incredibly bright lighting thanks to the specially placed lights hanging above them in order to ensure the setting is bright enough to be on screen.

This means there is no chance of any romantic candlelit dinners on the show as it would prove to be too dark to be seen.

They could also be seen enjoying some downtime and having a relax in between scenes that the producers need to record in order to get the perfect shot.

It comes after an unearthed clip appears to show a glaring blunder in the edit process and it has left fans in stitches.

In the scene, Charlotte, one of that week’s diners, is seen arriving at the host’s property where she is seen knocking on the door to signal her arrival.

It appears to be light outside as is often the case with the diners usually arriving in the late afternoon ahead of an evening of food, fun and filming.

In the clip, the camera moves to the inside of the property to see the host opening the door to let her in.

As they greet each other, the sky outside appears to be pitch black.

This led to one fan comically quipping: “Bl**dy hell how long was she knocking for,” over the top of the video.

Channel 4It comes amid an apparent editing blunder was recently uncovered by fans[/caption]

Channel 4Outside went from light to pitch black in a matter of seconds.[/caption]