I waited 6 months to fork out for new teeth & hate them – they are uneven and I can’t even talk like a normal person

A BEAUTY fan was left devastated and unable to talk properly after her dentures arrived wonky.

TikTok user Amber, believed to be from the US, shared the horrific story online, revealing the tragic state of her new gnashers that have even affected her eating.

tiktok/@amber.l.warnerAccording to Amber, she had waited a total of six months only for her to hate her new dentures[/caption]

tiktok/@amber.l.warnerThe horror story has gone viral on TikTok, where thousands have tuned in[/caption]

Despite waiting for long period of time for the teeth, Amber said she was anything but impressed with her ‘glow-up’ smile.

Not only were they uneven and of various sizes, the pearly whites also altered her speech and ability to enjoy food.

Posing with the dentures, Amber said: ”I hate them […] – I’m not impressed.

”I’ve waited six months for teeth that I can’t stand.”

To make matters worse, the beauty fanatic also had an interview scheduled later that day – which she decided to cancel due to the fail.

Sharing her guesses as to why things had gone so horribly wrong, Amber noted that there was a lot excess material in the gum area.

Whilst waiting to have this fixed by a professional, the woman also revealed that she had take out the bottom section out, as it was making her ”gag and throw up”.

”I know they look nice from a distance and some people can’t really see what I’m talking about – but if you look, there’s a significant difference in the size of teeth.”

One of the canine teeth, for instance, was pointed as she had requested – however, the very same tooth on the other side was completely flat.

”It has been Hell on wheels,” said Amber, who added she found it difficult to say the letter ‘S’.

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Explaining how the new dentures have affected her eating, the young woman noted that she was, luckily, able to taste.

”You can still taste food. The texture’s never gonna be the same.

”It’s not that you’re losing the taste – it’s that you can’t feel it as much.”

Since Amber’s opened up about the issues, her horror story has won her thousands of views on TikTok, where people have shown heaps of support.

One said: ”maybe your gums are a bit swollen. see how they are in a day or 2. they look good.”

Someone else advised: ”Bring them back they gotta make them right.”

Someone else joked about their experience with dentures, writing: ”Cool thing I found though we don’t get Bain freeze when drinking frozen drinks [sic].”

”I did lose some taste, but it hasn’t been horrible. Your doing great! [sic]” read another supportive comment.

tiktok/@amber.l.warnerThe young woman revealed that her teeth were uneven and of different sizes[/caption]


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