I used to be overweight and now I’m a fitness trainer – people are stunned by my glow up and call me their ‘motivation’

ONE fitness trainer lifted viewers’ spirits with her motivating body transformation.

The former plus-size woman shocked people when she shared her weight loss journey.

Fitness trainer Yuval showed viewers her weight loss journeyTikTok/ yuval_benistiSince she was a young girl, Yuval always wanted to feel confident in herself and her bodyTikTok/ yuval_benisti

TikToker Yuval Benisti (@yuval_benisti) posted a video to inspire others.

The fitness fan started by showing pictures of her before she began going to the gym regularly.

“I wanna be skinnier,” Yuval used to think to herself. “Wear all the clothes I never could.”

Yuval wanted to lose weight and build muscle, so she initiated a new lifting regimen.

She desired a body that made her feel confident in herself and in times when she showed some skin.

The athletic trainer mixed weightlifting routines with cardio practices.

And her diet shifted to a healthier one that consisted of nutritious meals.

“Every time I workout, I think of the life I’ve never had,” Yuval admitted.

Her videos switched to show her fit body at the gym doing tricep dips.

Yuval’s stomach, arms, and legs were slim and toned.

The creator looked like a different person. She was happy and healthy like she always wanted.

Her message read: “Never give up.”

Viewers felt encouraged and energized by Yuval’s transformation story.

Over 11.400 people positively responded to the post.

“Okay, that’s it; I’m starting today,” one man proclaimed.

Another supporter wrote: “You are a strong woman.”

“You’re literally my whole motivation right now,” a passionate person noted.

She began a regular fitness routine and eating healthierTikTok/ yuval_benistiHer transformation motivated others to start their gym journeyTikTok/ yuval_benisti