I turned my £5 vest into the perfect Gucci dupe with a bit of bedroom floor DIY – people say I cheated the system

A FASHIONISTA turned a cheap vest into a “Gucci” top with a bit of DIY on her bedroom floor. 

Fellow fashion fans claimed Mia, who goes by Jadore Fashion online, cheated the system.

Mia created the Gucci dupe on her bedroom floorTiktok/@jadore.fashionTiktok/@jadore.fashionFellow fashion fans were “obsessed” with the finished vest[/caption]

Taking to a ribbed white vest, she sewed in a rectangular Gucci logo.

The logo was from a Gucci dust bag which would have been used to store a pair of shoes or handbag

Mia used black thread to match the border of the branded badge when sewing it on the vest.

She meticulously stitched it in the middle of the shirt before removing the needles keeping it in place. 

Mia penned in her Tik Tok video’s caption: “Fun little DIY because I was bored.”

The official term for her fashion handiwork is upcycling.

To ‘upcycle’ a piece of clothing is to turn it into something new either by totally remodelling it or stitching it together with other textiles.

Other ways of upcycling include dyeing the item of clothing to give it a new look, turning it into something useful like a tote bag or scrunchie and embroidering on top of it.

People flocked to the comments of Mia’s video to weigh in on her craftsmanship.

Many dubbed the upcycled Gucci vest as “cute” and said that they wanted one of their own.

One fashion fan penned: “Wait… I’m obsessed.”

A second echoed: “It’s so pretty, congrats.”

A third said: “I might do this.”

Other fashion fans shared their experiences doing something similar with a designer logo – including on jeans and tracksuits.

One said: “I did this on the back of my jeans. 

“Honestly so slay.”

A second echoed: “In the lower corner of a sweater or hoodie.”

However, others weren’t as impressed by Mia’s upcycling.

A few questioned what she will say if anybody asks where the vest is from. 

One critic commented: “Imagine if someone asks you where you bought it.”