I tried the micro thong trend – it peaks out above my pants and even Skims was impressed with my look

DOZENS of fashionistas have taken to TikTok to show off the viral Skims micro thong.  

One influencer rocked the lingerie so much that the shapewear brand itself was impressed.

TikTokTikToker Issy showed off a Skims micro thong that she had bought[/caption]

TikTokFans were left wowed as they said she was being conservative[/caption]

Lifestyle star Issy (@issy.bustos) is the latest social media star to showcase the skimpy piece in a haul.

The influencer initially revealed that she didn’t wear a thong in public.

Replying to the voiceover in the clip, she said: “Don’t you see the back? It’s a thong. What do you think I am?”

But, then moments later, Issy was seen posing wearing the micro thong.

Viewers could see the straps above the pants that she was sporting.

The text appeared on the screen: “Casually wears [a] thong” as she showed off the fashion piece.

Some TikTokers thought Issy was being too conservative as she still had her pants on.

One viewer commented: “Don’t be shy, show us the whole thing.”

Dozens of fans heaped praise on the fashionista as they said she rocked the look.

Even the officials Skims social media account reacted to the video which has been liked more than 10,000 times.

The brand’s social media team said they were “obsessed” with the clip.

Issy is not the only influencer that has gone viral after trying the skimpy clothing.

The U.S. Sun reported how Megan Frederick (@meganjfrederick) ordered a Skims thong as she wanted to take extra caution during her bachelorette celebrations.

She told fans that she wanted something to wear underneath a stunning skirt that she was going to wear.

She said in a viral clip: “I just wanted some undies to just kind of like cover things down there in case there was like a breeze, god forbid.

“I just didn’t want to have to worry about it all night.”

But, the thong was smaller than the TikToker’s hand as she compared it to the size of her palm.

Some influencers have compared the triangle piece to dental floss.