I tried the ‘glowy blush’ hack with Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty – I should’ve done it sooner, people say I look flawless

SELENA Gomez’s makeup line may be wildly popular but the brand creator also has a few tricks up her sleeves as well.

Selena took to social media to share a personal makeup trick, adding highlighter to blush for a dewy look, that went viral.

TikTok/@yazdiorYazmin, a beauty influencer, tried Selena Gomez’s trick for dewy blush[/caption]

TikTok/@yazdiorShe layered the Rare Beauty highlighter and blush on top of each other[/caption]

Yazmin (@yazdior), a beauty influencer, put the trick to the test.

To start, she acquired the two main products she needed — the RareBeauty highlighter and blush.

She showed off the blush in the shade Happy and the highlighter in the shade Enchant: “Trying the RareBeauty glowy blush hack,” she said.

Uncapping the blush, she used the doe-foot applicator to place two dots of blush on each side of her cheekbones, then did the same with the highlighter.

Taking a fluffy brush, she blended the products out and immediately gasped in shock when she saw the glowy results.

“I should’ve tried this sooner,” she said.

People took to the comments to share their thoughts.

Others were initially worried about how much blush she applied, knowing that a little bit of the RareBeauty blush goes a long way.

“THAT WAS SO MUCH BLUSH BYE,” said one commenter.

“That was a dangerous amount,” agreed another.

Others were worried she had leaked a hidden makeup trick.

“DON’T TELL MY SECRET,” joked one makeup enthusiast.

“But for real it’s the best blush highlight combo, I was always doing this when I was working at Sephora.”

“So flawless, I love,” said another.

TikTok/@yazdiorShe blended out the product with a brush[/caption]