I tried on my mom’s old bodybuilder bikinis – I love hitting the gym too, everyone says I should compete

A GYM girl wowed her followers after trying on her mom’s old bodybuilding bikinis.

And once she tried them on, she realized they fit her like a glove and perfectly accented her own toned body.

Aria Solano is an athlete and lifestyle content creatorTikTok @ariasolanofitShe is an athlete who loves to hit the gymTikTok @ariasolanofit

Aria Solano is a fitness enthusiast and digital content creator.

Her productions focus on athleticism and lifestyle topics.

She took to TikTok to reveal how she dazzles in her mother’s bodybuilding bikinis.

“Trying on my mom’s old bodybuilding bikinis,” she wrote over a video of the bikinis sprawled out.

First, she stunned in a sparkly emerald green number with white detail.

Next she tried a purple barely-there bikini with white detail, which complimented her skin tone and showed off her killer body.

“Like mother like daughter??” she added in the caption.

Viewers were stunned by the outfit switch up.

“You should compete,” one wrote. “Got the frame for it.”

“Thank you!!!” Solano replied. “I def want to.”

“Yooooo they fit so good” another wrote.

“Lowkey had to squeeze into them,” Solano replied.

Solano fit the bikinis well because she herself is an athlete who takes the gym very seriously.

In another video she showed herself building a shapelier derrière with lower body-focused workouts.

“Killed my glutes and hammies today,” she wrote.

She stunned in her mother’s emerald green bikiniTikTok @ariasolanofitSolano dazzled in her mother’s shiny purple bikiniTikTok @ariasolanofitHer killer physique can be credited to her rigorous weight lifting routineTikTok @ariasolanofit