I tried on a Skims latex dress – I had to use lube to get ‘bubblegum’ on me & somebody called me the ‘pink Power Ranger’

AN influencer has shared her experience trying out a viral latex dress that’s been making the rounds on social media.

The TikToker Bambi, who goes by @bambinoexx on the platform, was excited to try on her pink version of the $128 long-sleeved garment from Kim Kardashian’s brand Skims.

TikTok/bambinoexxTikToker Bambi tried on the viral latex skim dress from Kim Kardashian’s brand Skims[/caption]

TikTok/bambinoexxBambi said it wouldn’t become part of her regular wardrobe, but her followers enjoyed watching her have it on[/caption]

“I look like a blown-up bubble gum,” she said in one clip.

“Pink Poweranger!” one commenter said. “You do look amazing.”

Given the light color she picked, Bambi noted that the dress was quite sheer.

“You can see my tattoo through this,” she said.

Bambi put cute little cloud stickers with rainbows over her breasts, presumably to keep her nipples out of view.

Getting the dress on was a process. Bambi had to rub herself down with water-based lube and wriggle her way into the garment.

“I’m literally dripping water down my legs,” she said. “I can’t tell if it’s sweat or lube.”

In another clip of Bambi’s showing off the dress, a commenter provided a helpful tip.

“Powder the inside to help slip on easier!!” they said.

“I used so much lube,” Bambi replied.

The TikToker didn’t see the garment will become a routine part of her wardrobe.

“I don’t think I’ll be wearing this out any time soon,” she said. “Maybe I’ll try a different color, like black or something.”

But Bambi’s followers enjoyed seeing her in the dress more than she liked having it on.

“Just WOW. Looks so f*cking amazing on you,” one commenter said.

“Goddess,” said another.

One viewer called Bambi a “stunner” and another simply commented a string of heart-eye emojis.

Bambi is not the only TikToker who’s gotten a lot of attention for trying out the viral garment.

Adriana Garza-Contreras, a nurse, described the dress as suffocating but very flattering.

This dress was the first latex garment a TikToker who goes by Rows on the platform has ever bought. She got a medium, but probably should have went for a smaller size.

“I got a medium because I’m really tall, and I was worried it wouldn’t fit me at all,” Rows said. “It’s cute, I just wish it fit better.”