I took my dogs to the groomer & returned with TWO totally ‘different’ pooches – the groomer wasn’t ready for mum’s wrath

A WOMAN who took her dogs to the groomer said she returned with two totally “different” pooches.

Posting under the username Julia, she uploaded a video to popular social media site TikTok that has racked up nearly eight million views.

Tiktok/@spooky.julia19TikToker Julia revealed that a groomer surprised them by dyeing their dogs without asking[/caption]

Tiktok/@spooky.julia19One of her dogs sported pink ears after the makeover[/caption]

Tiktok/@spooky.julia19Julia’s mum was not too happy with the colour change[/caption]

In the footage, Julia revealed that the groomer took their own decision to change her pups completely.

The stunned dog owner said that the groomer dyed her dogs a different colour.

And she added that this colour change happened “even though no one asked”.

Her first pup Oscar, had jet black ears, eyes and parts of his body.

Julia quipped that he is now “supposed to be a panda I guess”.

While her other dog, Cleo, sported bright pink ears that the TikToker thought was “cute”.

However, Julia’s mum did not look too happy with the makeover and the TikToker said “the groomer ain’t ready for my mom’s wrath”.

As always, TikTokers were quick to take to the comment section to share their views.

One said: “This had to have been a misunderstanding. We need a story time.”

While another added: “As a groomer. This is wrong in so many ways.”

“This is what you get when you tell the groomer ‘just make them cute, you’re the pro’. Gonna start doing this when people make me read their mind,” said a third.

And a woman who claimed to be a former groomer said: “Damn. I used to be a groomer and omg who would do that without the owners permission.”

It comes as one animal lover was left horrified after her beloved dog was given an awful haircut following a trip to the groomer.

The TikTok user documented her dog’s transformation and claimed it made her dog look like a raw chicken.

Meanwhile, one dog groomer dramatically transformed her fluffy white Poodle into a Dalmatian.

But her process to turn your dog into your dream pooch proved to be controversial.

It is vital to use products specifically designed for your type of pet to avoid chemical burns and harmful toxins.

Another dog owner caused controversy when she dyed her dog bright red.

TikTok user Chloe, who runs the @danthebigreddog account, shared why she decided to change the colour of her 130-pound Great Pyrenees Dandy.

She uploaded a series of videos called “Reasons why I dye my dog red” and explained that first of all she thinks Dandy “looks so adorable in red”.

She explained: “Dyed dogs are less likely to get stolen as they are easily identifiable.”

The owner also claimed the products she used have made Dandy’s fur softer and it sheds less.

This comes as many people across the globe have joined in with the new phenomenon.