I took my dog to the groomer and came back with a totally ‘different’ dog – he looks like a raw chicken

A WOMAN has been left horrified after her beloved dog was given an awful haircut which made it look like a .

TikTok user Sarah posted a video about the hilarious mishap, giving a before and after view of her Goldendoodle, Scout.

Goldendoodle Scout recently had a nightmare haircut at a new groomerinputcoffee/TikTokHis owner said she left with a ‘new dog’ after the triminputcoffee/TikTok

The pet owner joked that Scout came back from the groomers “a new dog“.

In the video, the pooch can be seen having fun in the sun with his natural curly coat, which then transitions into a brief clip of how he looked after his last groom.

Sarah said: “This was his previous haircut and I want the same cut.”

However, she most certainly did not get it as the pup came back looking like a different dog altogether.

His bouncy curls had been cut back almost to the skin, and he looked like he had been given a canine buzzcut.

His owner fumed: “Groomer said I communicated incorrectly about his haircut even though I chose the same cut as last time

“I did bring photos to the groomer to avoid confusion, but it still led to this result. It’s not a big deal, the hair will grow back.

“So I think I will be finding a new groomer unfortunately.”

She then asked viewers for recommendations for other groomers in the San Diego area, to avoid a repeat of the makeover-gone-wrong.

The pet’s misfortune did prove to be a rib-tickler for viewers, though.

One commenter wrote that he looked like he came “straight out of Resident Evil“, referencing a popular zombie-based video game.

Another pet owner, who had a similar experience, said that her dog ended up looking “like a raw chicken”.

Others however, had sympathy with Sarah and gave her some handy advice, with one recommending: “Show photos instead using a name!

“That way there’s no room for miscommunication among different groomers.”

Yet more offered their tips for best local groomers, so Sarah should have plenty of options next time scout needs a trim.

Sarah used a snap of his last groom to show what she wantedinputcoffee/TikTokBut the new groomer went a little too far with the canine buzz cutinputcoffee/TikTok