I tested Primark’s LED light mask to see if it made a difference – I didn’t expect much but was stunned by the results

A SKINCARE pro has shared her honest review of Primark’s LED Light Therapy Mask – and people have been left stunned by her results. 

Amy revealed that the £12 mask, which uses red, blue, and yellow light to treat a range of skincare concerns, has improved the texture and tone of her skin. 

Amy took to TikTok to share her thoughts on Primark’s LED light mask after using it for four weeksTikTok/skin_vestmentThe £12 mask uses red, blue, and yellow light to treat a range of skincare concerns, including redness and textureTikTok/skin_vestmentAmy claimed the mask did help to reduce redness around her chin, and improved some textured areasTikTok/skin_vestment

She also claimed it could be a great bargain alternative to the viral CurrentBody LED mask, priced at £279. 

That’s a potential saving of more than £200.

The beauty fan, known online as @skin_vestment, regularly shares skincare tips with her 54,900 followers. 

The LED mask is available both online and in-store.

It claims that the yellow light may help improve skin texture, wrinkles, and redness, while the red light works on anti-aging.

The blue light could also help to remove acne-causing bacteria and reduce inflammation. 

Sharing her thoughts after using it for four weeks, Amy said: “Currently on my fourth week of trying out the Primark LED Light Therapy mask. 

“You guys know how much I love my CurrentBody mask but I want to see if I can find a budget alternative that still provides good results.

“This one is definitely a contender. 

“Now I’m entering my fourth week and I’ve noticed some noticeable differences in my skin.

“If you’re in the market for a mask, this is a really good budget option.” 

Discussing the changes she’s noticed in her skin, she added: “Slight improvement in tone and textured areas. 

“Less redness around nose and chin.” 

In the caption, Amy also shared some other features of the mask, adding: “Different settings to target specific issues, a side button to switch modes, [and it’s] USB chargeable.” 

Fans loved her honest review, with the video gaining more than 350 likes and 10,200 views. 

In the comments, other TikTok users shared their thoughts, with one writing: “Oh this looks gooooood! Not clunky and heavy either!”

“I need one of those for my acne,” another said. 

A third added: “and it’s kind of cute too????”

Someone else put: “Bestie I’m SOLD.”