I tested out the fake-tan face contour hack to make me look snatched but it was so bad – I looked like a carrot

A BEAUTY fan has shared an epic fake-tan face contour fail that left her looking like a vegetable. 

For the hack beauty fans have been applying fake tan to their face in the areas they would usually contour. 

Beauty fan Kalya tried to viral fake tan face contour hackTikTok/kayladelyneThe beauty fan used a beauty blender to apply her face tanTikTok/kayladelyneKalya had clear glow skin before attempting the hackTikTok/kayladelyne

This would then leave the face with semi-permanent contour so there is no need to apply contour in a makeup routine. 

With enough skill you could manipulate your tan to change the shape of your face, eradicating that double chin or chiselling in some high cheekbones. 

Kayla Delyne tested the viral fake-tan contour hack in a TikTok video online.

The beauty fan shared some footage of her self bare faced ready to apply her fake-tan. 

She said: “This is me before the disaster. Look at how excited I am.”

Kayla went in with a beauty blender to apply the fake tan to her face. 

She said: “It’s so sad. Here I am trying to do the contouring trend with self tanner. Clear self tanner, I might add.”

The makeup fan revealed she believed the viral hack would work. 

She said: “I’m thinking to myself, yeah, I’m gonna make up. I could totally do this. All the confidence in the world.”

But disaster struck as the self tanner started to settle and darken on Kayla’s skin. 

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She said: “Oh, my God. This is the worst part. There’s just more and more then travesty.”

Kayla concluded the hack had left her looking like a carrot. 

She said: “Um, it’s giving carrot, it’s giving dookie streak.”

Despite the complete fail Kayla said she was still a big fan of the self tanning brand. 

She said: “I love paradise, I’m so sorry.”

Kayla’s video gained over 467,000 views. 

One user said: “In your defence, watching this I was very confident it was gonna look flawless.”

Another said: “LMAOO GIRL at least you can skip underpainting.”

A third viewer said: “Next time use a brush instead of a sponge!”

After trying the hack Kayla said she looked liked a carrotTikTok/kayladelyne