I splashed thousands on my wedding dress but swapped it for a £170 just before my big day – people say I shouldn’t have

A NEWLY WED has left people stunned after revealing she made a last minute decision to replace her wedding dress just two weeks before her big day. 

Sarah E Baus revealed she placed her dream £2500 wedding dress for a cheaper one at £170 just two weeks before her wedding.

TikTok/@sarahebaus/Sarah shocked viewers when she revealed she swapped her £2500 dream wedding dress for a cheaper one[/caption]

Sarah went with her second dress which costs just £170 and is now selling the original oneTikTok/@sarahebaus/

The bride shared a comparison of her two wedding dresses in a TikTok video online.  

She said: “I replaced my $3000 [£2500] wedding dress with a $200 [£170] wedding dress two weeks before my wedding. And you guys wanna see what the dresses look like?”

She said: “Okay, let’s start with the $3000 [£2500] dress. So this was her.”

Sarah confessed she loved her original wedding dress and it fit really well. 

“Like, look how stunning. I was in love with this. It fits the body perfectly well. This is like a size 10 dress. But this is the dress that I bought. I got married in September. This was January before I got married.”

Sarah especially like the back button detail which had silk buttons trailing down to the bottom of her dress. 

“I really like this picture. This was the back. She was stunning. Look at the buttons. “

Sarah found her second dress when she started looking for another dress to wear to her reception. 

She said: “Now, two weeks before my wedding, I was looking for a reception dress. Because this dress, although gorgeous. I like to shake my hind end when I’m dancing. So I knew that I wasn’t going to be wearing this. So I was just looking for a reception dress. I was not looking for a replacement.”

“Now, this is the dress from the consignment shop that I walked into two weeks before the wedding.”

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After she tried on her second dress Sarah knew that it was the right dress to wear on her big day. 

“I walked in, tried that on. I was like, oh, maybe I’ll do like a long dress for dinner because it’s easier to sit in.”

Sarah had a few alterations made to her new wedding dress to make it strapless. 

“It had like these tie sleeves. I actually took it to a tailor. So it ended up being a strapless dress. Um, and I love her.”

The newly wed revealed she is now selling her original £2500 dress.

“So if anybody wants the other dress that is still gorgeous. Just, I guess wasn’t mine. It is for sale”

Sarah’s video went viral with over 3.2 million views. 

Viewers debated in the comments as to which dress suited Sarah best. 

One user said: “You were lost in the first dress. Overpowered. Second one made you shine. Great choice.”

Another said: “Guess I’m in the minority but I love the 1st dress. So elegant and classic. It’s stunning on you.”

Some viewers said they thought Sarah made the wrong choiceTikTok/@sarahebaus/