I spent £17,000 on a nose job to make it BIGGER – trolls say it was perfect before surgery but I much prefer it now

A WOMAN who spent £17,000 on a nose job to make her nose bigger has hit back at trolls who said it was perfect before.

Camilla Colbro, from the US, shared her new nose in a recent TikTok video on her account (@camillacolbro), and people were left stunned.

Camilla revealed she spent £17k on surgery to make her nose biggerTikTok/@camillacolbroTikTok/@camillacolbroMany people claimed her nose was perfect before[/caption]

TikTok/@camillacolbroDespite that, Camilla loves her new nose[/caption]

In the short clip, Camilla revealed her nose before the surgery, which was an adorable button nose.

She then showed off her new and improved nose which had a much more prominent bridge.

The video went viral with over seven million views and people were stunned Camilla got a nose job.

Many thought her nose pre-surgery was in fact the after-results of her nose job and questioned why she got the £17,000 ($20,000) surgery in the first place.

One wrote: “Why? You had that perfect bell type of nose.”

Another asked: “I thought the first picture was the nose job, it was so perfect.”

“I thought the first was the nose job.. stunning but you do you,” questioned a third.

Meanwhile, a fourth added: “What did you not like about the before? And can we see more comparison pics? It’s hard to tell when the photos are drastically diff compositions.”

The brunette beauty revealed that she wanted to make her nose more prominent and didn’t want a button nose in another video.

Showing before and after pics again, she revealed her previous nose made her face look ‘flat.’

She was thrilled with the results of her nose job already even though she only got it done three weeks ago.

Camilla captioned the post: “To answer the main repetitive questions.. yes it’s bigger.

“That’s what I wanted. no, I don’t regret it. I’m 1000000% happy with my results. Why? Because I wanted it.

“Duh I didn’t need it. It’s cosmetic surgery. Everyone keeps saying omg you had a cute button nose well guess what! I didn’t want a damn button nose.”

Again, many people took to the comments claiming her natural nose was much nicer, one wrote: “The original is my dream nose, why do we always want what we don’t haveeee.”

Another commented: “I loved your old nose. You looked different. Now you look like the rest. Still very beautiful.”

Camilla replied: “Thank you! I like the new one more, that’s all that matters.”

A third added: “Omg the before was so nice.”