I purchased a £2,000 purebred Labrador with papers – but he grew up to be completely different

WHEN Mandy Parker spent £2,000 on what she thought was a purebred silver lab, she expected nothing but the best.

But as adorable pup Hector grew bigger, he wasn’t quite what they expected.

Young Hector looked like a purebred but as he got older, he changedTiktokMandy’s followers pointed out he wasn’t what she paid forTiktok

Mandy posted a series of photos of her pride and joy Hector, but not everyone was convinced she got what she paid for.

In her video captioned: “I definitely got scammed…looks nothing like a lab on any of these does he?!

“Must rename this page to Hector the Weimaraner right away!”

Photos of Hector as a puppy versus adult were clear: he wasn’t a purebred Labrador.

Followers of Mandy’s TikTok account came to the consensus that the video agreed Hector wasn’t a purebred, but Mandy and her family adore the cute pup.

One felt sorry for Mandy: “Oh… baby I think you got scammed. I’m sorry that happened, at least you have your baby!”

Another pointed out: “The Labrador retriever club does not accept or recognize silver as purebred.

“Diluted chocolate labs do not give you silver…”

Mandy fired back at the hater: “Good job I don’t want him to be in the ‘club’ then isn’t it?”

Mandy has defended her beloved dog and continues to post him, despite haters who pointed out he may not be purebred.

But most of her followers are supportive: “That dog is adorable and I’m so happy he has a family that will love and adore him.

“That’s what matters most!”

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TiktokHector loves to dig holes and sniff around his home[/caption]

Although Hector isn’t purebred, his family adores himTiktok