I love a bargain so did a mega £40 Poundland haul – I got some utter steals…their seamless sets are as good as Primark’s

A KEEN bargain hunter has shared her thoughts on Poundland’s latest Spring collection – and claims their seamless sets could rival Primark’s. 

TikTokker @mayzeelisex shared everything she picked up on her latest visit to the discount store, including some bright-coloured loungewear. 

The bargain hunter took to TikTok to share the contents of her £40 Poundland clothing haul – and couldn’t believe the qualitytiktok/@mayzeelisexShe was a huge fan of this pink ribbed seamless set, with the leggings and crop top priced at just £6 eachtiktok/@mayzeelisex

The fashion fan regularly shares haul and styling tips with her 1,800 followers. 

In a new TikTok reel, she said: “So I’ve just spent £40 in Poundland on clothes. Let me just tell you, game changer. 

“Starting off strong, I got this cut little orange jumper. Just something cute for chilling in and that, which was eight quid. 

“And then I got these ribbed leggings to match. Stop it now, seamless as well.

“I think these were only about six quid.”

During the short video, Mayzee is seen trying on the oversized sweatshirt, decorated with the phrase, ‘San Francisco 1995 LA’ and a pair of coordinating ribbed leggings.  

She continued: “I love it. I feel like I wish I’d got this in a medium because I prefer this to be like tight around the neck and I got a large. 

“But even still, for about £15 for the full outfit. Love.”

“I got this cute little ribbed crop top as well which was £4.50. Matches the leggings.”

She was also impressed with the fit of the vest, adding: “This is them together, how cute? Perfect for summer. 

“And the material’s quite thick as well. I love it. Stop. 

“And then I got, lastly, this cute pink seamless set. 

“The top was £6 and I got some matching leggings to go with which were £6.”

Mayzee also tried on the pink set for her followers to see – and again, it was a hit. 

“Stop it right now, are you seeing what I’m seeing? £12 for this beaut? Ain’t even see-through at all either. 

“Quality is amazing. They do it in green too but I wanted to see how these ones look before I got the green. 

“So you know I’m going to be back there getting the green.” 

Below the video, she added: “Not Poundland giving Primark a run for its money.”

Fans loved her bargain haul, with the video gaining more than 4,800 likes and 212,000 views. 

In the comments, other TikTok users shared their thoughts on her savvy buys, with one writing: “I love Pep and Co clothes, they last as well considering the price.”

Another said: “Oh stop gorge!! The little pj sets are so cute there’s one that looks like SKIMS.”

“I have it in brown the last set you showed. amazing right. but they get bobbly bits. Get a debobblier just incase. But all amazing outfits,” someone else put.