I lost 70 lbs in six months by going to the gym – people call me their ‘motivation’

A WOMAN who transformed herself after a six-month training program has inspired others to do the same.

At the beginning of her journey, the prospect of losing 70 lbs appeared almost insurmountable.

TikToker Agustina at the beginning of her weight-loss journeyTikTok/agustinabaybee

But Agustina’s (@agustinabaybee) determination and hard work has seen her reach her goal.

She has also charmed the socks off her followers, who have cheered her from the sidelines every step of the way.

Agustina opened her post with a photo at the start of her journey – she is unrecognizable.

It was captioned: “Watch me lose 70lbs in six months.”

There followed a series of images of Agustina working it in the gym: at the bench press, shifting dumbbells, running machine, and more.

She said of her towering achievement: “I always thought it was impossible. Discipline over motivation.”

The weight loss champion dedicated her TikTok to chronicling the highs and the lows of the last six months.

“Here to inspire you. Join me on my weight loss journey,” she said.

Her transformation after losing 70 lbs, into a confident glamorous young woman, was complete.

Her delight at reaching her goal was infectious and her followers have been as delighted as she was.

So far there has been an extraordinary 196,000 likes to her post and nearly two thousand comments.

“Motivation,” was the one-word reaction from one fan, but there were hundreds more all full of admiration.

“I’m barely starting my weight loss journey. You inspire me and give me hope,” said this fan.

Others were sure to follow her lead: “Consider me inspired. No lie I will go to the gym tomorrow.”

“Love this you are truly an inspiration,” was this viewer’s opinion.

The final comment summed up the warmth her fans displayed in the comments section: “Honestly, the most beautiful thing about this video is seeing your confidence improve so much. You’re beautiful.”

She dedicated herself to reach her goalTikTok/agustinabaybeeHer transformation was amazingTikTok/agustinabaybee