I heard M&S was cheaper than Aldi so decided to swap my weekly shop to see if it made a difference – here’s how I got on

A SAVVY mum decided to swap her weekly shop from Aldi to Marks & Spencer’s to see which offered the best value for money – and people have been left stunned by the results. 

Jo Rourke revealed her huge food haul cost her just £66.42 – and included multiple boxes of cereal, fresh fruit and vegetables, sweet treats for her kids, and meat.

Jo took to TikTok to share the result of her supermarket test, after switching from Aldi to M&S to see which was better value for moneyTiktok – @thismumcooksTiktok – @thismumcooksHer huge haul included cereal, bread, fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as sweet treats for the kids[/caption]

Now shoppers are vowing to follow suit and start shopping at the supermarket chain too. 

Single mum Jo, known online as @thismumcooks, regularly shares family-friendly dinner ideas with her 98,500 followers. 

In a new reel, she said: “So I’ve just got back from my weekly shop and I’ve actually done my first full shop at Marks & Spencer’s ever.

“And you won’t believe how much I’ve got for the money. 

“I’ll just show you what I’ve bought for me and the kids. 

“Firstly we were completely out of cereal so I’ve got Bran Flakes, two boxes of their Weetabix and some multigrain hoops, and the milk for two of the kids. 

“The lactose-free milk in Marks and Spencer’s is a lot more expensive than Aldi, so I will buy that in bulk at Aldi. I’ve not included that in this shop here. 

“Bread-wise, they had these lovely crumpets reduced down to 92p so the kids will love those for supper this evening. 

“Two loaves of bread and these baps because I’m going to do some bacon butties tomorrow. 

“Then onto fruit, I’ve got two punnets of grapes, some bananas, and some oranges. I’ve also got three packets of these apples because they were on special offer this week.”

Jo was also pleased to find her local store had tomatoes, peppers, and eggs on the shelves, as some supermarkets have struggled to get them in recent weeks. 

She continued: “They did have tomatoes, and they were only 85p so that’s a really good price for tomatoes. 

“Some cucumber, and I also got this big block of cheese. 750g of cheese and it looks really nice. 

“And I got some chorizo as well because I’m going to make pasta with this, this week. 

“I got some carrots, courgette, pepper, they had peppers in as well. 

“I’ve got five kilos of potatoes, some frozen sweetcorn, [and] two onions. 

“I managed to get 15 eggs. I’ve got some filo pastry because next week is National Pie Week so I’m going to be making pies next week. 

“I got some mince. I didn’t get any chicken, they’d completely sold out but I do have some in the freezer so that was quite fortunate. 

“I’ve got some tinned soup, some beans, some plum tomatoes. 

“These smoked tomato pastes were reduced down and they look great so I got two of those because they were a bargain. 

“I got some spread, some honey, some olives. This brown sauce was completely reduced down so I picked that up, as well as this juice, so the kids are going to love that. 

“I got some flour, some cordial, some cup of soup. 

“I also managed to stock up on sweet treats for the kids. We absolutely love these cookies, they are the best. 

“And finally, I needed some hand wash so I got some of that, and these dishwasher tablets were reduced down so I got two packets of those. 

“So all in all, I got quite a lot here, and you won’t believe that this was all under £70 at Marks & Spencer. 

“With all of this fresh fruit, cereal, bread, meat. It was £66.42. I didn’t think that was bad.”

Fans loved the savvy mum’s bargain haul, with the video gaining more than 2,400 likes and 115,000 views. 

In the comments, other TikTok users shared their reactions, with one writing: “I love M&S for fruit n veg! lasts so well. I’m a student and started doing quite a bit of shopping at m&s now, I really impressed by 66 for this!”

Another said: “I have been singing the praises of M&S for ages, like you. So glad everyone’s giving them a go. Definitely worth it.”

Someone else put: “Wow that’s amazing!! I would never have expected that at M&S and I’m pretty sure one of my previous videos I spent about the same in lidl&aldi!” 

Although not all were impressed, with some suggesting her shop wasn’t that pricey due to the lack of meat she picked up. 

Someone else put: “That’s cheap however I’m not sure if you can make many meals with what you have but for £70 at m&s that’s good.”

Jo replied: “There is plenty for meals, we will be having shepherd pie and the leftover mine will make some meat and potato pies. We will be having chorizo pasta.”