I have big boobs & found the perfect T-shirt bra that’s comfy which you CAN’T see under tops & you get a free knickers

A FASHION fan has shared her favourite T-shirt bra for fuller busted women.

Olivia Kirky is all about feeling comfortable and confident in your own skin.

Olivia shared her new favourite bra from Lounge in a TikTok video onlinetiktok/@olivia_kirkbyOlivia says the bra’s offer support and comfort and don’t dig into the skintiktok/@olivia_kirkby

In a recent TikTok video she shared an everyday bra that she says

Olivia said: “Small boobs, big boobs, everything in between. Get down to business. Let’s talk the girls.”

The fashion fan says the bra’s are so comfortable it does not feel like you have one on.

She said: “I found the most perfect everyday T-shirt bras. They are so comfy. It feels like I have nothing on.”

The Smooth Classic T-Shirt Bra’s are £30 online from Lounge underwear.

Oliva says they are easy to style as they have no marks.

She said: “Literally. You could see there was no mark showing through the top as well.”

She continues: “I wear this every freaking day, and this is no bra, so you see the difference.”

Oliva says the bra’s create a lovely shape.

She said: “And then bra, except with the different tops, you can still see, like, I have a lovely shape going on here, too.”

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The bra can be worn with low cut tops and T-shirts.

She said: “If I wanna wear low cut tops as well as a pretty T-shirt everyday bra.”

She continued: “And this one makes me so happy because, like, even though it’s so thin, it just.

Olivia said the bras offer great support and are pretty.

She said: “It’s good support. It looks pretty. I don’t feel like a granny.”

She continued: “A T-shirt bra with a twist, so it’s when, like, I just want to feel a little extra some-something on a daily basis.”

You get a free pair of matching knickers as well with every bra.

Olive said: “And it’s got cute matching panties as well. Everyday ones as well.”

She continued: “You literally just can’t go wrong. The black one on, I fall in love with myself again.”

“And they all come with, like, a matching cute little G string with the lounge logo, which, love.”

Oliva said: “This bit is so soft and squishy on your back. None of this digs in or is scratchy.”

“It’s all so soft, comfort, support, and gives you the most beautiful shape ever. You’re welcome.”

The bra’s come with a matching thong or briefstiktok/@olivia_kirkby