I have 34DDD boobs – I’m not usually an ‘unlined bra girlie’ but I found a great option for $45, they go up to size 42F

A BUSTY fashion pro has revealed her holy grail of chest support.

She said although she doesn’t typically go for unlined bras, she secured a garment that changed her perspective on the style.

Paula is a digital content creator and mother with a passion for fashionTikTok/ mommasinpajamasShe tried an unlined style from her tried-and-true bra brandTikTok/ mommasinpajamas

Her tried-and-true option is perfect for women with unusual measurements, with pieces accommodating up to a size 42F.

Paula (@mommasinpajamas) took to TikTok to show off her new favorite brassiere.

“Would you believe me if I told you that an unlined bra is making my girlies look this good in this top?” she asked in the video.

She wore a brown long sleeve shirt that hugged her curves.

“I love them,” she said of the bras. “I need to wear one every single day. They are so unbelievably comfortable.”

However, Paula looked to try a new style from her go-to brand.

“I was so hesitant,” she revealed. “I am not an unlined girlie.”

She took a chance on the unlined bra by Harper Wilde, retailing for $45.

“I tried the unlined bra and guys I am so impressed,” she gushed.

The piece immediately gave Paula a change of heart on bra styles.

“I need to get some more of these,” she added.

The bra is available in four colors, including tan, black, beige, and brown.

The generous size range from 32A to 42F makes it an accessible look for many different body shapes.

“I love all the support,” she added. “There’s no spillage.”

The look fit seamlessly over her 34DDD boobs, giving her a flawless silhouette in and out of clothing.

She modeled the unlined bra on her 34DDD bust, which fit her like a gloveTikTok/ mommasinpajamasThe unlined bra by Harper Wilde gave her a seamless look with no spillage in sightTikTok/ mommasinpajamas