I hate the unique name with a ‘funny’ spelling my parents gave me – it’s ‘exhausting’ and gives me social anxiety

A WOMAN has shared that the unique moniker her parents gave her has done nothing but cause her to feel anxiety ridden throughout life.

Taking to social media, she revealed the unconventional name and why she dislikes it with her followers.

A woman has shared that she isn’t fond of the unique moniker that her parents landed on for herTikTok/ jermaniekivett

“I have a super unique name and I hate it,” she wrote in a TikTok video.

She went on to explain the name that caused her tons of turmoil.

“My name for those of you who don’t know me in real life. My name that my parents gave to me that’s been my name my whole life.

“Is Germany okay? Like the country is usually how I will say it.

“And it’s also spelled kind of funny. It’s Jermanie. Okay, that is my name,” Jermanie Kivett (@jermaniekivett) said in a TikTok video. “That is how my parents chose to spell it.”

She went on to explain how the name effected her at her work place.

“Okay the last job that I worked, I was an ophthalmic technician at a retina clinic.

“So that means that like 95 of my patients were very elderly.

“And my job was to get them ready for the doctor.

“So check their vision, check their eye pressure, dilate them, all those fun things.

“We were supposed to introduce ourselves to every patient every time we saw them.

“I got it down to where when it was my time to introduce myself, I would always do it when my back was turned.

“And I was closing the exam room door so that they would hopefully not hear it.

“Because when people hear my name, oh my gosh. ‘Germany, like the country. Are you from there?’”

She went on to list all the other things she’s heard.

“‘Have you been there?’

“‘Were you conceived there?’

“‘Is it spelled like the country is? What are your siblings names? Is their name France? Do they have unique names too?’

“How’s your name spelled? Why did your parents decide to name you…’”

She continued: “It turns into a whole thing with every single person. And like I promise there’s nothing they can ask me about my name, that I have not already been asked.

“And like it’s fine, I get the curiosity. It’s like it’s a different name and people are just curious.

“But it got so annoying. And so yeah I would purposely mumble my name and hope that they would hear and we could move past it.

“So I could just do my job. But it really is to the point where I have social anxiety around introducing myself.

“Because I always have to explain my name, and it’s annoying. And I almost wish I went by something else, but I never have.

“And so I just go by my name. So you know if you ever feel like naming your kids something super different and unique that nobody else is named, think about the conversations that they’re going to have to have every single day,” she concluded.

She says it gives her social anxietyTikTok/ jermaniekivett