I had go to the police because I couldn’t tell my twins apart, says desperate mum

A DESPERATE mum has shared how she had to take her twin babies to a police station as she couldn’t tell them apart.

New mum Sofi Rodriguez joked about winning the “mother of the year” award after she needed help to identify her own children.

Twitter – @sofiar388The new mum cannot tell her twins apart[/caption]

Twitter – @sofiar388Sofi joked about winning the mum of the year award[/caption]

Sofi explained she had to take the babies to the police to get their fingerprintsTwitter – @sofiar388

The mum from Argentina said she was so desperate she resorted to taking the babies to the police station to get their fingerprints.

Taking it to Twitter, Sofi posted: “Tomorrow I have to go to the police to have my twins fingerprinted and tell me which one is which, I won the mother of the year award.”

Sofi, who had twins Lorenzo and Valentín in January, explained in another tweet that the babies may look different in photos due to the angle or the light but in real life, they are identical.

Her tweet quickly went viral gathering millions of views with parents of twins sharing their own tips for telling them apart.

One of the suggestions was to try to identify them based on their weight but Sofi said that was what confused them the most.

She said: “Lorenzo always weighed 200 grams more than Valentin.

“Now the one we thought was Valentine weighs 200 grams more.

“We don’t know if Valentin gained 400 gr more than Lorenzo or if Lorenzo is Valentin.”

In an interview with ABC, the new mum told how it all started when she and her partner Leo Costa lost the small bracelet they used to identify the babies.

She said: “The problem came when one night Valentín’s bracelet was too small, we cut it off and we noted that his bracelet was grey.

“But at night they vomited, we had to change them, they both ended up naked… and we no longer knew who was who. 

“Now, each one already has a ribbon on their wrist of a different colour, one blue and the other purple, to be able to differentiate them. But we are still waiting for them to tell us who is who.”

Sofi hit back at those who criticised her parenting skills and said the twins are healthy, fed, clean and happy.

Sofi updated her post saying police were unable to identify the twins so they resorted to using their vaccinations to tell them apart.

But this didn’t work either as it appears doctors made a mistake and vaccinated a baby twice.

The mum later updated her post and said they were able to identify the babies following a call from the National Person’s Registry.

Another mum previously admitted she could never tell her twin boys apart, despite trying multiple tricks.

And this mum resorted to “tattooing” one of her twin girls in order to help her tell them apart.

This new mum was branded “genius” by other mums after she came up with a savvy way to remember who is who.

Twitter – @sofiar388Lorenzo and Valentin were born in January[/caption]

Twitter – @sofiar388The twins are now identified by a ribbon on their wrist[/caption]