I got the pink latex dress from Kim Kardashian Skims – people say it’s ‘giving yassified Pepto’

A FUN-LOVING content creator has shared her try-on of the popular Skims latex dress and the public had mixed reactions.

The content creator showed off her curves in a TikTok video that had people saying the look was giving “‘giving yassified Pepto.”

TikTok user @pleaseleavemealoneibeg shared her try-on of the latex Skims dressTikTok/ pleaseleavemealoneibegTikTok/ pleaseleavemealoneibegShe got the pink version of the dress from Kim Kardashian’s popular clothing brand[/caption]

TikTok user Pleaseleavemealoneibeg (@pleaseleavemealoneibeg) always keeps it real in all aspects of her life, especially online.

She documented her latest shopping haul for her viewers but went into detail about the recently popularized Skims latex dress.

In a TikTok video, she showed off the fit of the fabric on her midsize shape and gave an honest review.

When the video began, the content creator stood in her bedroom and held the bubblegum pink dress against her body.

Almost immediately she mentioned that she should have put the dress on with lubricant or baby powder because it was tugging on her skin but chose to “suffer through it.”

Once the Kim Kardashian-owned item was on her curvy body, she did a little dance and showed it off from multiple angles.

She got the Latex Long Sleeve Dress, $128, in Neon Blush and called it fun among many other adjectives.

She could not stop laughing in the sheer latex dress that showed her boob pasties, tattoos and butt crack through the garment.

“I got a large. The sizing chart said I should have gotten a medium, but I didn’t believe it,” she said.

She pulled her red hair out of the top knot on her head and let loose waves fall around her face as she modeled the dress.

She planned to wear it before a Valentine’s Day date that was right after class, but claimed it might be “too much for class.”

As a final test, she turned the dress around and wore it backwards but it still didn’t quite feel as comfortable as she wanted.

“Should I keep this?” she asked her audience in the final moments of the video.

As a follow-up to her opinion-based video, she wrote in the caption that she’ll maybe buy another brand to compare to the Kardashian clothing item.

“Respectfully, it’s giving yassified pepto,” one viewer wrote.

“I’d be crying on the floor trying to get this off,” another wrote.

“Definitely size down and wear it backwards!” a fan offered.

People had very vocal opinions about the dress including how it’s ‘giving yassified Pepto’TikTok/ pleaseleavemealoneibeg