I got an epic haul of £1 mystery Amazon return parcels – people think I got scammed but I’m impressed

A BARGAIN hunter has revealed that she did a huge haul of mystery Amazon parcels and although some people think she got scammed, she was pretty impressed. 

Savvy shopper Becky, who is known on social media as Becky’s Bazaar, spends a lot of her time routing through charity shop rails and car boot sales, on the hunt to find discounted second-hand buys.

A savvy shopper has revealed that she ordered a huge haul of £1 Amazon return parcelsTikTok/@beckysbazaarTikTok/@beckysbazaarKnown on social media as Becky’s Bazaar, the bargain hunter got her hands on a dinosaur suit, but the zip was broken[/caption]

She was very impressed with this khaki gym setTikTok/@beckysbazaar

Becky regularly takes to the video sharing platform to share ‘your daily dose of thrifting’ and her recent clip showing off her £1 Amazon return parcels has left people with mixed feelings. 

In the TikTok clip, Becky explained that she bought a haul of Amazon return parcels and while some of the items were pretty useless, others were much more impressive. 

She explained: “I bought so many £1 Amazon return parcels.

“So I thought I’d start a little series where I open some of them on camera, so let’s see what I’ve got.”

The first item that Becky got was an inflatable dinosaur suit, but the zip was broken.

She explained: “I think we’ll start with this one – no way, oh my god I need to put this on, it’s one of those inflatable dinosaur suits.

“I think the zip is broken which is obviously why it’s been returned but surely we can fix this.

“If anyone has a solution to this, please let me know.”

Becky then opened the next parcel and was much more impressed.

She continued: “On to the next parcel.

“This looks cute, it’s like a gym short and sports bra set.”

After this, Becky moved onto the next parcel – and again, was left slightly disappointed. 

As she peeled back half of the packaging to reveal a phone case, she noted: “This is literally what I’ve just seen, surely not.”

Opening up the box, she added: “No, it feels empty. Oh right, a completely  empty box.”

Finally, Becky opened another parcel, which left her beaming.

As she revealed the yellow brush, she revealed: “Oh, I’ll actually use that.”

She then noted: “There’s tonnes more to open, so stay tuned for the next episode.” 

At the time of writing, Becky’s video was posted just three days ago, but it had quickly amassed 58.9k views.

It had 1,063 likes, 48 comments and 6 shares. 

Social media users were left divided at Becky’s haul – while some were impressed with her buys, others thought she had been scammed. 

One person said: “I think u got scammed” to which Becky replied “hahah worth it for the fun of this vid and I’ll defo wear the gym set.” 

Another added: “Empty box, that’s naughty.” 

Meanwhile, referring to the broken dinosaur suit, someone else commented: “you could take it to a repair shop and they could put a new zip in” to which Becky responded “I reckon they may end up charging too much for that.” 

The empty phone box left her quite disappointedTikTok/@beckysbazaarBut she was pleased with the yellow brushTikTok/@beckysbazaar