I gave my kids ‘trendy’ R names – people say they sound like dogs and ask if I was high when I picked them

WHILE some people like the idea of giving their baby a unique name, others choose to go the traditional route.

One expecting couple said they wanted to stick with monikers that begin with the letter R, since their other two children are in that boat, so they took to Reddit for some outside opinions.

GettyA couple shared their potential baby names online[/caption]

Posting anonymously, the couple revealed that they do not know if they are having a boy or a girl next, so they needed both options.

“Looking for something trendy but not uncommon,” they wrote.

As for their existing sons’ names? Rage and Renvy.

While they have an option for a third boy, “Rush,” they’re torn on girl names.

“So far all I have on my list is Radison and Romy. I’m not in love with them. Any suggestions?”

Her only detail was that the middle name would be “Sue.”

Reddit users, however, shut down all of them.

“How high were they when they named Renvy??? And if this baby was conceived at a Radisson, I think they’re gonna have to go with that,” one person wrote.

“I’m not sure if there is a worse name to give your child than Rage,” added another.

“You’re obviously just renvious they invented such a unique name,” joked a third.

“They all sound like dogs,” a fourth pointed out.

And another said this couple exists on a different level than anyone else: “People who name their kids things like Rage and Storm clearly don’t have the same level of fear in them that the rest of us do.”

GettyReddit users instantly shut them down, making punny jokes along the way[/caption]