I found a great dupe for posh earrings on Shein – they’re £30 cheaper but trolls say they’re not worth the cash

THERE’S no better feeling than bagging a dupe that’s a fraction of the price the authentic product is selling for. 

And one woman got this exact feeling of satisfaction when she found some snazzy earrings on Shein that looked exactly like a pair from high end store Club L London

Facebook – Extreme Couponing and Bargains UKA woman on Facebook has found a dupe for posh earrings for a fraction of the price[/caption]

Facebook – Extreme Couponing and Bargains UKThe posh earrings cost £35 from Club L London, while the Shein version sells for £2.50[/caption]

Posting side by side photos of the fake with the real, people could see they were identically shaped as diamond half-flowers. 

While the ones from Club L London sell for a whopping £35 though, the Shein-branded dupe is just £2.50 – ensuring people save a massive £32.50. 

“Exact same,” Paisley Boyd wrote in the caption of the pictures, which was posted on the Facebook group ‘Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK’.

But it didn’t go down as expected in the comments as many argued the earrings from Shein will be made of cheaper materials. 

“But the shein ones will be made from cheapest materials,” [sic] one person wrote.

Another said: “The cheaper ones look bigger and sticky out bits by the lobe look different – I think the shines on them are different – personally prefer the £35 ones and it not so bling in the shine. The left look huge”. [sic]

A third claimed that the Shein earrings are “definitely not” silver, while a fourth added: “One makes ya ear holes green.” [sic]

And a fifth shared: “The shein ones will be made using cheaper materials so whilst they look the same, they aren’t the same.”

Some people were intrigued by the design, sharing their thoughts on whether they would look and feel the same if they were compared in real life. 

And others were impressed as one person said: “Shein all the way…” 

“Shein jewellery is amazing!!!! Yes it’s cheap and doesn’t always last but i swap mine all the time.. When ever i see something i like can guarantee Shein has something very similar for literally pennies x”. [sic]

Another person kicked themselves for missing out on the earrings as they said: “So annoying…I literally JUST put a shein order in and didn’t look at the earrings haha”. [sic]

And a third said: “Just like all Pandora items can be purchased exactly the same from warren james just without Pandora label on at a fraction of the price x”.