I did a Skims ‘sculpting swimwear’ haul in a size small – women say I look ‘fire’ in the neon designs

A SKIMS shopper showed off her “sculpting swimwear” haul from the Kim Kardashian-led brand.

The pieces accentuated her curvy shape, with commenters saying she looked “fire” in the neon designs.

Content creator Natasha did a Skims ‘sculpting swimwear’ haul in a size smallTikTok/natashafigueroa1021

Natasha Figueroa (@natashafigueroa1021) is a content creator and entertainer.

As a lover of all things fashion and lifestyle, she shared her recent Skims bathing suit haul online.

In the TikTok video, she tried on two looks from the Kim Kardashian-owned brand in a size small.

When the video began, Natasha stood in the center of a living room wearing the Swim Triangle Top, $38, and Swim Dipped Tie Bottoms, $36, both in neon green.

Black sunglasses sat on top of her head and large hoops hung from her ears as she rocked herself back and forth.

She placed her hand over the camera to cover the screen before removing them to reveal that she wore a different neon green swim set.

Similar to the previous outfit, she rocked herself back and forth in the Cotton Plunge Bralette, $36, and the Swim Mid Waist Bottom, $38.

Her toned abs and arms were on full display as she showed off the famous reality television star’s items.

According to her TikTok bio, Natasha prioritizes real reviews, whether they are beauty products or stylish clothing.

People couldn’t help praising her for how well she looked in the neon designs.

“Bella,” a fan shared.

“You’re so fire,” another added.

Women online said she looked ‘fire’ in the neon designsTikTok/natashafigueroa1021