I bought a ‘£3k’ Dobermann… it grew up to be something completely unexpected

A WOMAN bought a Dobermann worth thousands – but was shocked when it grew up into something completely unexpected.

The dog owner purchased the pup at the end of last year.

The owner paid around £3k for the puppyTikTok/@arya.awoooTikTok/@arya.awoooShe ended up with a dog which looked nothing like a Dobermann[/caption]

But after watching the dog grow for a few months, she soon realised it didn’t look exactly how it was supposed to.

Sharing a light-hearted video to TikTok, Arya posted pictures of what a Dobermann should look like.

A few seconds later, a clip of her actual furry friend popped up on the screen.

The pet was small and had one eye shut.

The “cute” dog also had its tongue sticking out the side of its mouth.

Even though the dog wasn’t what the owner thought she was buying, she said he’s still loved.

The video was shared with the caption: “We love him so much though.”

One user in the comments said: “He’s so cute.”

Another added: “He’s so goofy I love him.”

Meanwhile a third said: “I want it.”

According to Elite Dobermanns UK, a puppy costs around costs around £2,000 – £3,000.

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