How much do The Voice judges get paid?

THE Voice has had more than a dozen different coaches since the show started in 2011, ranging from pop stars to country singers.

As the newest season begins, here’s what each judge on the popular show are earning per season.

NBCSeason 23 is coming out in March 2023[/caption]

How much do judges get paid on The Voice?

The price tag per judge varies based on their personal fame, their tenure on the show, and the number of wins they have from past seasons.

Most of the judges average around $13million per season.

For example, Blake Shelton is rumored to make $26million per year from the show; however, he’s had the most wins in the show’s history, and he’s been on the show since its inception.

For these reasons, he’s likely to have been given bonuses as well.

New judges Niall Horan and Chance The Rapper join the judges this season.

Irish superstar Niall is expected to make around $8 to $11million this season based on past salaries of other judges.

Chance the Rapper will rake in around the same, at $8million this season.

Kelly Clarkson is making a return this season, and will be paid around $15million this season.

Who was the highest-paid judge in the history of The Voice?

Ariana Grande was paid a reported $25million per season, making her the highest-paid judge on The Voice.

She was paid so much because she brought much of the Gen Z and Millennial viewership to the show.

Who is replacing Gwen Stefani, John Legend and Camilla Cabello on The Voice this season?

This season, the three vacancies created by the loss of Gwen Stefani, John Legend and Camilla Cabello will be filled by fresh judges.

Niall Horan, Chance the Rapper and returning host Kelly Clarkson are set to fill the empty seats.

Niall Horan is best known for his membership in legendary boy band One Direction, before pursuing an incredibly successful solo career.

His highly anticipated third studio album, “The Show”, will be released in early June this year.

Grammy award winning Chance the Rapper is also joining the line-up of famous judges.

The incredibly successful rapper entered the scene in 2012 with “Acid Rap”, and has since released seven studio albums.

NBCThe hit NBC show is entering season 23[/caption]