How a simple change in your job interview can boost your chances of getting the gig

SMILING in a job interview could boost your chances of getting the gig, research suggests.

People who looked happy were rated as more employable than those with a straight face or frown.

GettyPeople who looked happy are more likely to pass the job interview, research found[/caption]

Experts asked 280 working professionals to assess profiles on business site LinkedIn and rate how “hireable” they thought each person was on a scale of one to seven.

Smiling candidates scored an average of 5.11, while non- smilers averaged 4.99.

Study leader Sabrina Chan, from the University of Toronto, said: “We found that smiling participants are more hireable. Smiling makes you more attractive and shows goodwill and confidence.

“First impressions are very important and research shows people have stronger memories for happy faces.”

Researchers gave another 146 people a “yes” or “no” option for whether they would shortlist someone for an interview, with smiling photos receiving more “yeses”.

Ms Chan urged candidates to think about “the timing and intensity” of the smile and if it’s appropriate for the job.

She added: “A fake smile may help — if you don’t overdo it.”