Heart-stopping moment man narrowly misses being hit by 70mph train as he crosses tracks without even looking

THIS is the heart-stopping moment a man narrowly misses being hit by a 70mph train as he crosses the tracks – and he doesn’t even look up.

The close call was snapped on video and shows the careless man wandering onto the tracks without looking.

SWNSThis is the heart-stopping moment a man walks across the tracks while a train is hurtling towards him[/caption]

In the hair-raising clip, which was captured by the train’s on-board camera, the man can be seen casually strolling onto the tracks in Cheshire.

The speeding train hurtles towards the man, then zooms past, missing him by just inches.

The London Euston to Glasgow train was forced to come to an emergency stop so it didn’t wipe the man out.

When the man walked out the crossing displays would have been showing a red warning light – as they do if it’s unsafe.

Carriages travelling along that section of rail can reach a maximum speed of 125mph.

Network Rail have said the horror moment could have “led to tragedy”.

Company head of safety Lucy Jordan said: “When I see footage like this it always makes my heart stop.

“The difference of just a few seconds could have led to tragedy for this man and I can’t downplay the danger he was in.

“It’s important for Network Rail to share this video as a strong warning to others and to remind them of our level crossing rules.

“No matter how well you think you know a crossing, all users must obey the signage in place and if there are warning lights, always stop when they display red, it just isn’t worth the risk.”

It’s not uncommon for cameras to catch heart-stopping moments.

In recent months a father on his way to Sunday Mass snapped the moment a 4×4 flew over a car during a terrifying high-speed crash.

A heroic passerby was also captured miraculously catching a two-year-old toddler after she plunged from a fifth-floor flat.

And a pilot was snapped fighting to land a plane at Bristol airport while battling terrifying high winds.