Gogglebox fans furious as the terrifying twist of a thriller film is spoiled in show’s preview clips

GOGGLEBOX fans have been left furious as the terrifying twist of a thriller film was spoiled in the show’s preview clips.

Viewers of the Channel 4 show took to social media to hit out at the programme for failing to warn them they would show the big reveal of Fall, which hit Netflix screens this year.

CHANNEL 4Gogglebox fans were furious that the film was spoiled[/caption]

CHANNEL 4The movie’s plot was revealed on the Channel 4 show[/caption]

Gogglebox fans were terrified watching the scenes from the thriller film, which was first released to the public in September 2022.

The movie sees fictional friends Becky and Hunter climbing a 2,000ft radio tower in the middle of the American desert.

The friends head up the towers to scatter the ashes of Hunter’s late husband, who recently died in a climbing accident.

But what follows is a tense and terrifying fight for survival as the ascent goes horribly wrong, with huge twists along the way.

Gogglebox showed a series of scenes from the film, including Becky and Hunter’s fight for survival after getting stuck up the tower.

Further scenes played out what happened in the coming hours, and appeared to spoil the film’s huge plot twist.

Hitting out on Twitter, one fan wrote: “Really can’t believe they’ve given away the big twist when the film has only been out a week!”

Another chimed in to agree with an angry-faced emoji: “Might as well take Fall off my list now…”

“Thanks Channel 4 for completely ruining Fall, giving away almost the entire story and plot twist,” a third penned.

While a fourth said: “Don’t even need to watch Fall movie now as Gogglebox has just spoiled it for me.”

“Wish we were given a heads up they were going to review it and give the whole story away, no need to watch Fall now,” a fifth wrote.

While a sixth penned: “Thanks Gogglebox for just showing the twist of an ending to a film Fall that I was planning to watch. Absolutely pointless watching it now.”

It comes days after Netflix fans flooded social media to admit they had been left feeling “physically ill” after watching the film.

The film seems to be a nightmare for anyone with a fear of heights and is guaranteed to make palms sweaty during viewing.

“Literally crying, shaking, with clammy hands by the time the credits rolled. What the f**k. Amazing,” one viewer said of the movie.

Another posted on Twitter: “I’m OK with heights but Fall on Netflix has made me feel genuinely ill. My legs are shaking watching this.”

In an interview with Radio Times, co-director Scott Mann said the idea for the film came while he was filming Final Score in a football stadium in the UK.

He said: “We were filming at height, and off camera, we got into this interesting conversation about height and the fear of falling.”

The tower in Fall is undoubtedly the film’s star – and is actually real.

Built in 2000, The B67 TV Tower in Walnut Grove, California, USA, stands at 625 metres tall and is the tallest structure in the state.

Scott said of the film’s setting: “I think the key to it was finding these actual towers that exist in America, that exist in the desert there.

” It was just like that is the perfect location, the perfect kind of character to be at the centre of this nutty thing.”