Gaz Beadle’s wife bravely reveals huge scar after undergoing open heart surgery

GEORDIE Shore star Gaz Beadle’s wife has bravely revealed her scar after open heart surgery saved her life.

Emma Beadle, 30, took to her Instagram page to upload a selection of images showing the mark on her chest peeking through a variety of outfits.

Instagram/@emma_jane1392/Emma Beadle has bravely revealed her scars following her open heart surgery[/caption]

Social Media – Refer to SourceGeordie Shore star Gaz married Emma last year[/caption]

Model Emma went under the knife in January after suffering from a heart defect since birth.

Yet she was rushed in for another operation later that month after her lung collapsed following the open heart surgery.

Now thankfully fully recovered from the terrifying ordeal, Emma has taken to social media to share the aftermath with fans.

Alongside her selection of images, she wrote: “Never be ashamed of a scars, your scars tell a story.

“They’re a reminder of when life tried to break you but failed. @nakedapparel_ sculpted jumpsuit.”

Her fans and followers – many of whom had had a similar operation – filled the comments section with their good wishes.

One wrote: “You are truly amazing and such an inspiration to me! I am fully aware that I will need heart surgery in the future. I’ve already had complex vascular surgery 5 years ago! You inspire me to have the strength to not be scared of whatever surgery I face in the future! Thankyou!”

Another posted: “Continue to wear your scar with pride! You look gorgeous! X”

A third then put: “Obsessed with you inside and out girl.”

One then concluded: “That scar shows your strength and [fire] to fight.”

Previously Gaz, 34, opened up to his own Instagram followers about Emma’s condition.

After visiting her in hospital, the former Geordie Shore star told his followers: “Think it’s very important on here to always show the hard times not just the good stuff… this is the hardest thing our family will ever go through.

“Kids have been so brave but also cried and been emotional wrecks at bed times and mornings and just missing mummy like crazy…”

Last August, Emma was rushed to hospital and put on a drip with “cameras inside me.”

Gaz quit Geordie Shore for good in 2020.

He first landed a part on the show after a season working in Malia in 2009.

These days Gaz’s life couldn’t be more different and he went on to make a cool £4.6m fortune after the show.

He runs a property business and married Emma last year.

Instagram/@emma_jane1392/The mum of two posed in a selection of outfits and declared she is ‘never ashamed’ of the scar[/caption]

Instagram/@emma_jane1392/Emma is on the road to recovery after having surgery in January[/caption]

Emma McVey InstagramThe model shares two children with MTV alumni Gaz[/caption]