Furious Love Island fans accuse ‘three musketeers’ of bullying as villa divides ahead of final

LOVE Island fans have slammed Will, Casey and Tom for “bullying” after their villa antics divided fans last night.

The trio have formed a close bond in the villa calling themselves “brothers”.

Love Island fans slammed the ‘three musketeers’ of bullyingErotemeTheir behaviour on last night’s show divided fansEroteme

During Wednesday night, the lads had an emotional chat as they spoke about their bromance.

Will said he was chuffed to not have only found the love of his life Jess, but to have met best pals Tom and Casey.

Tom admitted he felt the same and Casey agreed, saying they were brothers.

The boys agreed scream the word “brothers” in unison but said it would be unfair to the rest of the lads.

They instead shouted out “iconic”, leaving the other Islanders baffled.

Sanam reacted: “They look like a boy group.”

Love Island fans were not impressed and said their behaviour was causing a split in the villa.

One wrote: “Casey, Tom, Will looked like total bullies.”

Another posted: “Disbanding the bully boyband has begun. Tom and Sammie and Will and Jessie, your days are numbered.”

“I honestly can’t wait for some of these childish bullies to see that the public are onto them,” a third said.

Another added: “These lot are all bullies. Worst cast in the history of the show.”

Last night Casey and Rosie were given the boot from the villa after viewers were given 15 minutes to vote for their favourite couple.

Casey has since opened up about his living arrangements, saying he plans to move in with best pals Tom and Will, but admitted it won’t go down well with Rosie.

The Hertfordshire lad said in his exit interview: “My two boys in the Villa were Tom and Will.

“I just had the best time with them and it was just
constant jokes.

“We bounced off each other whatever we did and we were so, so similar and it was so nice to have that in there. Life can get way too serious.

“To have those boys around you, you can just have a laugh and realise it’s not that deep in the grand scheme of things.”

He then revealed: “We did say to each other we’d live together…but not sure what the girls will think of that!

“We’re going to have a group WhatsApp chat, The Three Musketeers and go from there.”