Four in a Bed owners left red-faced as guests point out ‘astounding’ hygiene problem – and fans are livid

FOUR In A Bed fans were left flabbergasted on Tuesday’s episode after a “hygiene issue” in one of the B&Bs. 

The Channel 4 series sees hotel and B&B owners try to win each other over with their stays, winning a cash prize if they land on the top of the scoreboard at the end of the week. 

Channel 4Heather was stunned at being told there was hair in one of the guest beds[/caption]

As a result, things can get pretty vicious as the competitors find anything wrong with their rooms in order to mark their rivals down. 

On Tuesday’s episode, the latest group of hoteliers headed to Gateshead to stay at Heather Mitchell’s Sutherlands Hotel, which can cost up to £110 per night for a room. 

Heather and her colleague Paul Conroy joined forces to appear on the show together, with Heather running the business proudly for more than 22 years. 

Taking her business rivals on a tour of the hours, the group were later treated to a trip to Newcastle Castle which was built to protect the city from a Scottish invasion. 

While her efforts impressed some of the guests, business partners Mia and Emmanuel ripped the Sutherlands Hotel for its cleanliness, scoring it only a six out of ten for hygiene after complaining about “loads of hair” in their bed covers and inkstains on their pillows. 

Mia also knocked the hotel down for a watermark on the glass. 

While everyone else on the show said they would be happy to stay at the hotel again, scoring them a 10/10 for hygiene, Mia and Emmanuel were the only exceptions. 

The feedback infuriated Heather, who said she had “no idea how ink stains could have made their way onto brand new pillows.” 

Fans were quick to jump to Heather’s defence for the pedantic criticism, saying it was unnecessary and deliberately picky in order to drive their score down. 

“So, find two-minute hairs and a non-existent watermark in a glass and you won’t stay again and you dock 4 marks,” wrote one. “Payback for the critique you got at your place. Nit pickers of the week, methinks.” 

“Yesterday’s host found “lots” of hairs on the bed. Exaggerating much?” said a second, alongside a GIF of Homer Simpson with a magnifying glass to drive the point home. 

“The first two are the game players then,” added a third. 

Another suggested the show switch up its format, meaning none of the contestants read the feedback on their hotels untl the end of the week, to prevent them being influenced by what others have said about them. 

“No feedback before payment day,” one suggested. “It isn’t anonymous & influences hosts going forward.” 

Channel 4The duo were largely praised for the B&B, with one notable exception.[/caption]