Five explosive Coronation Street spoilers: stalking danger escalates, shock breakup and villain prepares to kill again

DAISY Midgeley is still struggling to cope with her stalker Justin lurking around, ready to cause trouble.

The troubled character takes things to a sickening level and one villain gets ready to strike again in Coronation Street.

ITVDaisy Midgeley is running out of options to protect herself[/caption]

ITVJustin is clearly adamant on sticking around[/caption]

ITVHe manages to hit Daisy close to home[/caption]

1. Christina has a new boyfriend

ITV viewers have watched the beloved Rovers barmaid played by Charlotte Jordan try to keep it together while her tormentor (former Hollyoaks star Andrew Still) continues to harass her.

Aside from this, Daisy has been busy preparing her nuptials with Daniel Obsourne (Rob Mallard) and has also worked at fixing her broken bond with her mother Christina (Amy Robbins).

Coming up this week, Daisy meets her mother for lunch and Christina announces there’s been some change in her life since they last saw each other.

Christina reveals she has found herself a new beau and Daisy’s curiosity is piqued.

But she’s horrified when she realises Christina’s new boyfriend is none other than Justin himself.

What will she do?

While that remains to be seen, Justin keeps busy by sabotaging Daisy’s wedding ahead of the big day.

ITVDaisy is on edge and lashes out[/caption]

2. Daisy is trapped

Following her lunch with Christina, Daisy becomes fearful that Justin may have found out the date of her wedding.

This prompts her to call the venue and reschedule but she’s in for a nasty shock.

The owner of the boutique calls at the pub to tell Daisy they’ve had a call from Justin himself accusing her of assault and they’re no longer prepared to lend her a dress as the publicity may damage their reputation.

On edge, Daisy punched Justin after she spotted him at the local funeral home and was convinced he was tracking her down again.

Daisy is gutted and when Daniel makes light of it all, she storms off, furious.

Later on at No.1, she hears the doorbell and checks her app.

She’s mortified to see Justin on her doorstep.

Daisy orders him to clear off but when she returns to the living room, she’s shocked beyond belief as Justin is standing there.

She comes to the gut-wrenching realisation that he managed to get inside through the back door.

After failing to get the help she needed against her stalker, Daisy received some helpful advice from Maria Connor (Samia Longchambon), who has also had to face her own stalking torment.

The hairdresser and local politician recommended a Stalking Protection Order and Daisy is impatiently waiting for the hearing next week.

Could Justin’s intrusion play in her favour?

What will Justin do?

ITVWill Kirk Sutherland leave Beth Tinker?[/caption]

3. One relationship is on the rocks

Hope Stape has been up to all kinds of trouble in recent months, from destroying Phill Whittaker’s car to uncovering her serial killer father’s past and keeping his legacy alive.

However, the young girl played by Isabella Flanagan seemed to have met her match in the form of Beth Tinker (Lisa George) who had had enough of her antics.

Unfortunately, Beth went about things the wrong way and slapped the child with no witnesses around to expose her.

Beth then bribed Hope to keep her quiet but when Fiz (Jennie McAlpine) and her husband Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) pop home for a romantic lunch, they find the child has skipped school.

Fiz steps towards her and Hope flinches, begging her mother not to hit her.

Stunned, the Underworld machinist turns to Beth and accuses her of slapping Hope then lying about it.

Sam Blakeman (Jude Riordan) had tried to tell Tyrone Beth was guilty of slapping Hope, despite making out the girl was lying.

All hell breaks loose next week and, soon enough, Beth has no choice but to come clean.

Later on, a contrite Beth hands Fiz a letter for Hope, which the latter promises to pass on.

But Beth is also left to pick up the pieces of her relationship as a shocked Kirk Sutherland (Andy Whyment) was left reeling by her admission.

When it’s clear he sees her in a very different light, Beth is encouraged by Maria Connor (Samia Longchambon) to remind Kirk that she’s still a good person.

Bolstered by Kirk’s younger sister, who would know him better than anybody else in the cobbles, Beth goes ahead and shows him some mementos from their relationship, telling him how much she loves him.

Kirk is touched but Beth can’t do anything more – he needs more time.

Sadly, the lovebirds continue to row later on and it all comes to a head when Kirk decides to move out of Victoria Street.

Is it really the end of the line for the couple?

ITVWhat does Stephen have in mind for Elaine?[/caption]

4. Stephen has a new target

Meanwhile, nobody in the cobbles is aware that Stephen Reid has found a new target after his plan against Carla Connor seemed to have failed.

The struggling businessman portrayed by Canadian actor Todd Boyce has become a growing cause for concern in Weatherfield.

Upon his first arrival, however, he immediately caught the eye of Elaine Metcalfe (Paula Wilcox) who has been pining over him for months.

While Stephen has been busy wreaking havoc, Elaine has remained supportive and patient, determined to get her hands on the man of her dreams.

Her wishes seemingly became a reality when Stephen agreed to move in with her and even get (secretly) engaged.

But in scenes due to air next week, things could slowly be taking a murderous turn for Elaine as she’s blissfully unaware that Stephen has also murdered both Leo and Teddy Thompkins when they got too close to the truth behind his schemes.

It all begins when Tim Metcalfe (Joe Duttine) sees a picture of a country cottage on his mother’s laptop, hinting that she may be looking to move away from the Street.

The cabbie’s suspicions are confirmed when Elaine reveals that, after moving into the Redbank apartment she’d been wanting, she’s looking at properties in the countryside.

This all stems from her taking Stephen’s advice as they’ll be spending a substantial amount of time away from the cobbles.

Tim has also been suspicious of Stephen’s true motives with his mother and struggles to be happy for Elaine.

Instead, his worries grow – is he on to Stephen?

Who will be Stephen’s next victim?

ITVHow will Amy cope with her rape ordeal?[/caption]

5. Amy struggles to cope

Amy (portrayed by Elle Mulvaney) is having troubled sleep and, in scenes due to air, even misses one of her lectures.

For her father Steve (Simon Gregson), this is clearly out of character and he begins to worry about his daughter.

The nineteen-year-old is unable to come up with an excuse and agrees to meet her friend Summer Spellman (Harriet Bibby) for a drink following their fall out.

But when she realises Summer has brought her boyfriend Aaron Sandford (James Craven) alongside another friend, Amy makes an excuse and leaves.

Unbeknownst to everyone, Amy and Aaron have had a steamy encounter – which ended in the lad raping the young woman.

Next week, Amy will be waking up hungover and with no recollection of how she got into bed as an equally hungover Aaron will be feeling wretched in the garage.

The youngsters are set to meet at Speed Daal for lunch, prompting Aaron to admit to Amy he’s struggling too with the thought that things between them went too far and they should have never slept together.

Amy will be shocked by the enormity of Aaron’s revelation as it’ll be a clear admission that he raped her as she hadn’t been unable to consent to any sexual activity while drunk and unconscious.

Her flatmate, on the other hand, is more focused on his relationship with Summer which had been left in shambles before he raped Amy due to him making contact with his former girlfriend.

Having made up with Summer, Aaron begs Amy to forget about their drunken sex and Amy asserts rightly that she was far too drunk to even consent.

Aaron goes above and beyond to convince her she had consented to having sex with him but Amy knows he’s lying.

Sadly, Amy remains silent as many other sexual assault survivors often do.

But when Summer reveals that she’s hoping to go to Manchester University to be near Aaron, Amy bristles and recommends that she look further afield, leaving her friend bemused.

Meanwhile, Aaron makes out that he was as drunk as she was and begs Amy not to tell Summer that they slept together.

Who will Amy turn to?

Coronation Street airs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV.