Fashion fans are just realising they’ve been pronouncing Shein wrong for YEARS – despite spending hundreds on mega hauls

PEOPLE have finally realised the right way to pronounce Shein and they cannot believe it’s taken them so long to find out.

The popular clothes website is loved by thousands of women who want snappy fashion on a budget.

A fashion fan asked how to pronounce Shein and people were shocked by the answerTikTokTikTok/@katelynjensen19They are just realising they’’ve been pronouncing Shein wrong for YEARS[/caption]

But it turns out despite the many mega hauls, a lot of their fans don’t know how to say the name.

A shopper reached out to the followers on Twitter to clear up the confusion once and for all.

The woman, who goes by the name of Ruthless on Twitter, said: “How do we pronounce Shein?”

In response the company replied: “It’s pronounced SHE-in.”

But many people were blown away by this revelation after spending years saying it differently.

Katelyn Jensen took to TikTok to share her views.

She said: “I’d just like, went out and got my own proof.

“So if anybody comes to be every again for saying ‘SHE-in?’

“Please, maybe just like do some research please honey because I am more of a MLA citation kind of girl with some proof.

“Rather than listening to your little stupid influencers that say Shein (pronounced Sheen). It’s SHE-in.”

Other fashion fans have been sharing their reaction to the news.

One person said:”If you say she-in really fast it sounds like sheen so Imma still be saying sheen.”

Another said: “It’s still sheen to me too!”

A third said: “No I will always say it sheen.”

And another added: “SHEEN 4EVA”.

But it wasn’t the only pronunciation. Some people confessed to saying “Sheyn” while another said “Shane”.