Emmerdale reveals shocking identity of Rishi Sharma’s ‘ghost’

EMMERDALE has revealed the shocking identity of Rishi Sharma’s ghost.

The businessman – who is played by actor Bhasker Patel in the ITV soap – became convinced there was a ghost in the house after hearing noises and finding an empty packet of crisps.

itvRai thought Rishi was just lonely[/caption]

itvThe mystery ghosts was Arthur and Marshall – fans were devastated it wasn’t Meenha[/caption]

Panicking he summoned Jai to check through the house for any potential killers hiding in his cupboards.

The retired businessman even fled his house to stay with Jai and Laurel for a few nights.

However once he had gone, the truth was revealed.

And sadly for fans it wasn’t the return of serial killer Meena Jutla, nor the ghost of Nicola King’s first husband.

It was Marshall, Arthur’s friend from school and love interest.

He has been hiding away from his abusive and homophobic dad with Arthur’s help.

“That Jai was here earlier looking for something,” he told Arthur. 

“I’m so done of hiding in cupboards. I went three solid hours before. My leg went dead, my bladder nearly burst and I got a spider in my hair. Should I shift up, room for two?”

As Arthur joined him in the cupboard, Marshall told him: “We need a proper plan. 

“School’s going to figure out I forged that note that I’m not visiting my sick gran. And then my dad will find out and he’s going to totally kick off.”

Arthur promised to come up with a plan but told Marshall to stay put for now.

And viewers are just devastated that it isn’t Meena hiding in the house.

One wrote: “Can’t believe it wasn’t Meena in the house!”

A second said: “That was so annoying.”

Another added: “Please let it be Meenha!”