Ebanie Bridges is like a crazy f***ing ELEPHANT, reveals OnlyFans star Elle Brooke after sparring

ELLE BROOKE has revealed what it is like to box against Ebanie Bridges.

The OnlyFans star-turned-boxer has struck up a friendship with IBF bantamweight champion Bridges over the last year.

Instagram / @ebanie_bridgesElle Brooke has revealed what sparring Ebanie Bridges is like[/caption]

GettyThey have struck up a friendship over the past year[/caption]

https://www.instagram.com/ebanie_bridges/?hl=enElle helped Bridges to launch her OnlyFans page[/caption]

PAWhile Bridges has shown Elle the ropes in boxing[/caption]

Instagram @ebanie_bridgesThe Blonde Bomber holds the IBF bantamweight world title[/caption]

@ebanie_bridgesBridges was initially reluctant to join OnlyFans[/caption]

Instagram @thedumbledongElle has “fallen in love” with boxing according to Bridges[/caption]

The pair have helped each get underway in new areas, with the pair collaborating as Bridges set up an OnlyFans page while she showed Elle the ropes in boxing.

Both have yielded the rewards from their friendship, as Bridges’ OnlyFans took off well and Elle won her most recent bout against Faith Ordway in January.

And speaking to the Daily Star, Elle has now revealed what sparring against her pal is like.

She said: “There have been quite a lot of spars. I was much worse back then.

“She used to batter the daylight out of me, but in a lovely way.

“She knew I was still a novice and it was within reason, but I couldn’t really land a punch on her.

“She is so strong as well. I wasn’t used to punching someone who was like a brick wall.

“Every shot I threw at her she just absorbed it. It was like something out of space, like a crazy f***king elephant.


“She’s skilful, she’s strong, she’s quick, and she’s experienced, so obviously I’m going to be worse than her in the ring.”

However, Elle has hinted their skill gap may have closed due to Bridges being sidelined after breaking her hand in her title fight with Shannon O’Connell.

Elle added: “I haven’t sparred with her recently because she’s had her hand surgery and she has been out of the game for a couple of months, but I am sparring with her soon, so we shall see.

“She’s had less sparring and I’ve had more sparring. It will be interesting to see where we will be with each other now.”

Bridges previously revealed how Elle had “fallen in love” with boxing.