Dramatic moment Putin jet is blasted out the sky by Ukrainian missile as Zelensky warns ‘invaders will feel our power

VIDEO shows the moment a Russian jet was apparently shot out of the sky by Ukrainian anti-aircraft gunners.

The Russian Su-34 fighter can be seen spiralling to Earth in a fireball, after being downed in the eastern Donetsk region today.

The Russian fighter jet came plummeting down to earth after being shot out of the skyBlack smoke could be seen billowing from the crash siteTwitterThis comes just one day after President Zelensky’s powerful message to the nation

The Ukrainian Air Force confirmed the downing of the Su-34 aircraft in Yenakiyevo, Donetsk region, but there is speculation on social media that it could have been friendly fire.

Footage taken by locals shows the plane dropping rapidly from the sky, engulfed in orange flames before leaving a snaking trail of smoke behind it.

It then crashes down into the barren fields and black smoke can be seen immediately billowing from the area.

The aircraft is reported to have been a fighter-bomber warplane with two pilots on board.

It was reported that both pilots in the aircraft had managed to eject themselves successfully but it was later stated that one of the pilots had died.

The Ukrainian Air Force confirmed the death on Telegram by writing: “One of the pilots died, the second is preparing to keep him company!”

This follows President Zelensky’s address to the nation last night where he said: “I am grateful to all those who daily accustom Russia to the idea that Ukraine cannot be broken.

“The invaders will inevitably feel Ukrainian power in every sense of the word.

He finished with the message: “We will endure. We will win. And we will bring all Russian terrorists to justice”.

The mayor of Yenakiyevo, Roman Khramenkow, also took to his Telegram channel to warn the local public following the warplane crash.

He wrote: “An aircraft has been downed over the city. Everybody, clear the streets. We are looking into the incident”.

Khramenkov also posted a photo showing thick black smoke billowing from the aircraft crash site.

Su-34’s are two-seat ground attack jet, originally intended for the use of the Soviet Air Forces in 1990.

They entered service with the Russian Air Force in 2014.

Earlier this week huge explosions were reported at a major Russian airbase used by Putin’s Su-34 jets to launch attacks on Ukranie.

Russian officials denied that any attack took place but locals reported hearing two loud explosions and smoke was pictured billowing from the airbase.

It was suspected to be the result of a Ukrainian drone strike.

Last year it was also reported that Russia had shot down one of it’s own Su-34 fighter jets on the eighth anniversary of the downing of flight MH-17 by Kremlin-armed rebels.

Russia says its Sukhoi Su-34 fighter-bombers cost $36million each