David Dickinson sets record straight to Loose Women on future of Dickinson’s Real Deal amid rumoured exit

DAVID Dickinson has addressed the truth behind the ITV Dickinson’s Real Deal exit rumours.

The antiques expert and presenter has denied claims he’s set to leave the ITV show and has revealed fans can expect a new series very soon during his appearance on today’s Loose Women.

RDFIs it Dickinson’s last season?[/caption]

ITVDavid rubbished the rumours about him quitting from the ITV show[/caption]

David confirmed they would be back filming as early as next week.

Speaking on the ITV lunchtime show, he said: “Fake news as Donald Trump would say! Standing down? My agent said we know nothing about it, I know nothing about it.

“All I can tell you is, a week on Saturday we are filming series 19 and it’s going fantastically well.

“Over a million, as I’m sure your show does very well too and is very popular.”

This comes after an insider previously told the Mail Online that David was leaving the show and that it was an open secret.

They said: “It’s an open secret on Dickinson’s Real Deal that David will be leaving the show after filming the upcoming series. He’s absolutely adored fronting the show.

“It’s been a huge success for the channel and viewers still love it 16 years after it launched.”

However, a spokesperson for David confirmed that he wasn’t quitting.

They revealed: “David has no plans to retire from Dickinson’s Real Deal, a show he still very much enjoys making, and is hugely looking forward working on the upcoming series.

“The current series of Dickinson’s Real Deal is in production and filming throughout spring and summer. No decisions have been made on future series beyond that.”

David has fronted BBC’s rival antiques show Bargain Hunt from 2000 until 2004.

Hi began his stint on ITV hosting Dickinson’s Real Deal since 2006.

The speculation surrounding David’s position on the ITV show comes as it’s revealed Dickinson’s Real Deal expert Cheryl Hakeney has quit her job on the ITV show to work with her Love Island daughter.

Cheryl regularly appears alongside David on the ITV lunchtime show.

She parts with her cash to buy some of the public’s best offerings of antique items they’ve found in their home.

Talking about her decision to leave, she said: “I did the show for 14 years. I was one of the originals but now mine and Zara’s business is booming, unfortunately I don’t have enough time to film the next series.”

ITVCheryl Hakeney from Dickinsons Real deal has quit the show after 14 years[/caption]