Coronation Street horror as two murder victims return to the cobbles for revenge

CORONATION Street fans are in shock after two murdered characters made a surprise comeback tonight.

Leo and Teddy Thompkins were both murdered by Stephen Reid last year and are very much dead.

Coronation Street’s Stephen Reid was left lost for words when his murder victims returned to WeatherfieldITVITVHe had a flashback that involved Leo and Teddy Thompkins[/caption]

But that didn’t stop them making a return thanks to Stephen’s botched plan to drug Carla Connor.

With Carla laying down the law, insisting they needed to land a major American contract at the show, Stephen was furious.

Dousing another mug of tea with LSD, he served it up to Carla delighted with his plan.

But when Carla pointed out that she didn’t drink hers because full fat milk was too much for her, Stephen made a horrifying realisation – he had spiked his own tea.

And having drank it, he soon began to feel the effects.

The visions and hallucinations kicked in as Stephen tried to give a presentation to the industry buyers.

“You take over, you take over,” he shrieked at Sarah as he struggled to form words.

As she began to give the presentation, Stephen began to crawl through the hotel as the LSD kicked in fully.

Taking refuge in a room with a cleaner in it, he screamed at her to get out and leave him alone.

But he wasn’t alone – he began to see visions of Leo and Teddy, the father and son he had murdered.

The men stood over him as his visions melted into one, leaving Stephen utterly terrified.

“I’m sorry,” he shouted.

With Debbie and Elaine now at the door, the housekeeper fetched the master key and Elaine went in to help him.

Assuming he’d had some sort of breakdown, she sat with him and wittered on about their lives together until he began to come too.

Unfortunately for Stephen, he misunderstood Elaine’s words and replied making her think he’d proposed marriage.

“Oh I love you too,” she said gushing about the proposal that never actually happened.

But fans were still shocked to have seen Leo and Teddy back from the dead.

One wrote: “Omg Stephen’s trip is terrifying.”

A second said: “Finally Stephen is getting a taste of his own medicine!!”

Another added: “I think what’s happening to Stephen is called karma.”