Bungling doctor mistakenly amputates patient’s PENIS after making horrifying wrong diagnosis

A BUNGLING doctor mistakenly amputated a patient’s penis after disastrously making the wrong diagnosis.

The urologist, 30, chopped off the man’s todger after erroneously assuming he had a tumour in Arezzo, Italy.

GoogleThe bloke was mistakenly told he had a tumour on his penis that required amptuation[/caption]

He has been hauled in front of the courts after it turned out the bloke actually had an STI, according to reports.

The surgeon is accused of causing serious injury to the unnamed patient, believed to be in his late sixties.

After going to the doctors regarding issues with his penis, the man is said to have undergone tests and was examined by the urologist.

He was then informed he had a tumour and went under the knife a month later at the San Donato Hospital on November 13, 2018.

Despite the amputation procedure going smoothly, it soon emerged that the traumatic op was completely unnecessary.

According to Corriere Arezzo, the doctor failed to perform a biopsy on the alleged tumour – that wasn’t actually there.

Reports suggest the unfortunate bloke was instead suffering from the sexually transmitted infection syphilis.

He is now seeking compensation from the urologist following the botched diagnosis.

The case has a preliminary court hearing scheduled for March 9 in Arezzo.

The victim complained that he now struggles to urinate and can no longer have sexual intercourse.

We previously told how a man who found a pea-sized lump on his penis was initially informed he may have thrush or an STI.

Joe Merrall headed to the doctor after the growth began causing irritation when rubbing against his pants.

The personal trainer also experienced other symptoms, including pain while urinating.

Over the coming weeks, the lump started to cover the head of his penis, and even spread down to the shaft.

Just days before Christmas, on December 23, Joe was diagnosed with penile cancer and has now had to have a third of his penis removed.

Penile cancer is a rare cancer that mostly affects the skin of the penis and the foreskin.

In the UK around 700 men are diagnosed with penile cancer each year, in the US, this figure is around 2,050, the American Cancer Society states.

In New Zealand, where Joe is based, around 1 out of 100,000 men a year also develop the condition.