BBC Breakfast’s Naga Munchetty takes swipe at co-host for ‘trumping her’ on live show

BBC Breakfast host Naga Munchetty took a cheeky swipe at her co-host as she accused him of “trumping her” live on air.

The BBC anchor finally returned to the iconic red show sofa on Friday after a fortnight away – and today made a comeback for her first Saturday shift in weeks.

BBCBBC Breakfast host Naga Munchetty took a swipe at her co-host on her return to the weekend show[/caption]

BBCNaga, 48, called out weather presenter Matt Taylor for ‘trumping her’[/caption]

Naga, 48, usually hosts BBC Breakfast every Thursday to Sunday alongside Charlie, 60.

Yet she has been missing for a number of days, with a string of unexplained absences.

Yet Naga joined fan favourite presenter Roger Johnson, 54, for today’s show, which was dominated by stories about the snowy weather conditions.

She was quick to strike up some banter with weather presenter Matt Taylor.

Matt was set to talk of the snowy conditions across the UK, complete with a picture of today’s pink sunrise as a backdrop.

Naga was quick to chime: “You always have to trump us don’t you?”

She continued to talk about a picture taken at the BBC’s studios in Salford Quays and added: “We showed you outside the studio – yes we were six minutes late to the pink hues that were there.

“Yet you always have to come out with something not just a bit better, but 50 times better.”

Matt replied: “Well, it’s out weather watchers who are doing the hard work.

“They aren’t six minutes late!”

Fans were clearly happy to see Naga return to her weekend role.

One took to Twitter to write: “A very good morning to you Roger and also of course to you too Naga. Thanks as always for bringing us the news. Wishing you both a fabulous day.”

Previously, regular stand-in on the show Nina Warhurst took Naga’s spot and presented the show instead.

Fans flocked to Twitter as they grew concerned about her extended period of leave which sparked speculation that she could have secretly walked away from the programme.

Writing online, one fan said: “Can anyone tell me what’s happened to Naga Munchetty?”

A second said: “Where is Naga? John [sic] is doing a great job, but Naga really puts the interviewee on the spot!”

Before a third penned: “Where is Naga and Sally?”

There has been a pattern of absence on the show this week with Monday-Wednesday presenter Sally Nugent also missing from the show.

BBCNaga clapped back at Matt’s image of a pink sunrise as ’50 times better’[/caption]

BBCNaga has been absent from the red sofa for days, only returning on Friday[/caption]