Barber shares how he’s helped a customer with a receding hairline, but his method totally divides opinion

A BARBER has drastically divided opinion after revealing how he helped a customer with a receding hairline.

Kzfadez, who works out of Houston, Texas, took to TikTok to share a video of the appointment, writing over the top: “How to save a receding hairline.”

A barber divided opinion as he showed how he “fixed” his customer’s receding hairlinetiktok./@kzfadezHe used some spray, with a piece of plastic protecting the man’s facetiktok./@kzfadezHe used the airbrush method to cover the hairline as best he couldtiktok/@kzfadezHe showed off the final look, but not everyone was impressedtiktok/@kzfadezHe turned to the side to show off the results from that waytiktok/@kzfadez

In the clip, he used a piece of plastic to protect the man’s forehead as he used a brown spray to try and cover up the bald spots.

He also attempted to bring the hairline forward with the spray.

The video concluded with the man showing off his new look.

But in the comments section, people couldn’t resist poking fun at the concealing method.

“Showers are his biggest opp,” one wrote.

“Then it rains the first date,” another joked.

“My boi is never driving with the windows down,” a third commented.

As someone else added: “Man’s gonna get bullied for that.”

“Bro doesn’t even go for a trim, he goes for a quick spray paint,” another wrote.

As someone else commented: “It’s time to give up my friend.

“I’m sorry.”

“Bro it’s okay, just let it go,” another added.

But some people were impressed with the finished results.

“Hell ya that’s art right there,” one praised.

“Looks so real,” another wrote.

“Amazing, should have made the hairline a little lower though,” a third added.

“It looks better afterwards. At first I was like hell no.,” someone else weighed in.